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  • Powerful indoor / outdoor IP65 LED projector equipped for typical “wall wash” applications.
  • Excellent light output and perfect color mixing thanks to 4Watt RGBW LEDs and high quality optics.
  • Available in 2 versions:
    • LDP-COLORBAR 12FC: 48 cm long enclosure, equipped with 12 leds, divided into 2 sections.
    • LDP-COLORBAR 24FC: 96 cm long enclosure, equipped with 24 leds, divided into 4 sections.
  • Elegant, extruded aluminum housing finished with tempered glass cover.
  • The discretely designed bracket can be easily adjusted in any position.
  • The included barndoor hides the LEDs and thus reduces unwanted glare.
  • Optimal thermal management for long lifespan and easy maintenance
  • Internal power supply and DMX / LED-driver electronics for easy installation.
  • Waterproof input and output connectors allow the user to link up to 16pcs of LDP-COLORBAR 12FC.
  • Perfect for use in hotels, clubs, shops, homes, …
  • Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows.
  • Completely silent operation, thanks to natural convection cooling system.
  • Alphanumeric OLED-display and waterproof touch keys to select different options of the setup menu.
  • Works in standalone, master/slave or can be selected by DMX: fading colors, static colors / chases
  • Both models can be daisy chained and used together in master/slave mode.
  • Full DMX control with different channel modes: from 3ch up to 10ch (2 sections) or 20ch (4 sections)
  • Adaptable lamp behavior thanks to seamless dimmer speed control.
  • Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve
  • In case of DMX failure, you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
  • Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
  • Special waterproof DMX in/outputs with adapter cables to XLR for maximum compatibility
  • Equipped with a special GORE® vent to prevent moisture and condensation inside the projector.
  • Optional cables available for easy, waterproof daisy chaining (LDP-Powercable & Signal link cable)
  • NOTE: this product has IP65 rating for outdoor installation under normal conditions (not exposed to seawater).

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