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  • High speed Art-Net and sACN Node with 4 highly configurable DMX ports.
  • Gigabit Ethernet I/O based on high speed Marvell switch, without linking delay.
  • Automatic Ethernet bypass on power fails.
  • Perfect for install market with configurations over Art-Net support and DHCP.
  • Complies to IEEE 802.3-2005 standard for fully compliant hi-speed Gigabit Ethernet over long cable lengths. 
  • Integrated web interface with support for mobile devices.
  • NFC tag for easy website access on mobile devices.
  • The 4 DMX ports can all be configured as in or outputs:
    • Configured as input: normal mode
    • Configured as output: single, LTP, HTP or ZERO mode.
  • Multiple pre-defined presets available and custom presets.
  • RDM over Art-Net compatible.
  • All DMX ports are equipped with 3pin or 5pin Neutrik® XLR-connectors (both versions available)
  • 100% electrical isolation between all in/outputs: problems on 1 port will not influence the other ports.
  • MIDI bridge functionality via Ethernet coming soon.
  • Power options:
    • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Neutrik® TRUE-1 daisy chaining.
    • PoE class 0 input. From 36V to 57V
  • Housing ½ 19” diecast housing with different installation options:
    • 1-unit fits 1U 19” rack (19” adapter included)
    • 2-units fit together in a 1U 19”” rack (adapters included)
    • Easy truss mounting with wall adapter (optional)
    • Strong rubber protection adapters for stage use (optional)
  • Developed by Briteq® in Belgium and made in Europe!

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