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  • Standalone chain hoist motor controller.
  • Controls up to 8 motors in standalone operation
  • Fully compatible with the smaller RICO-V4!
  • Several units can be linked in master/slave using the link in/out on the back panel:
    •    Easy control for a larger number of chain hoists.
    •    Simultaneous hoist control using the UP/DOWN buttons on the master controller.
    •    Centralized Emergency stop on the master controller.
    •    “Slave” indicator led.
  • Manual phase inversion switch for each output.
  • Choice of different outputs for maximum flexibility (rental companies!):
    •    4x individual CEE16 4pole 16A outputs
    •    2x 16PIN multichannel industrial rectangular connector, Harting® compatible
    •    2x 19PIN multichannel industrial round connector, Socapex® compatible
    •    1x earthed 16A PowerCON mains outlet: auxiliary output for all kinds of use.
  • Remote control input (XLR) with led indicator to connect the [RICO-REMOTE] (optional, order code: 4650).
  • Phase indicators to easily check if the 3phases are available.
  • 32A 4pole circuit breaker protects ALL outputs, including the 32A output to the next unit. In case of emergency all 3 phases AND the neutral are disconnected.
  • Two C16 (16A – 1P+N) 2-POLE automatic circuit breakers for control circuit + auxiliary output.
  • Mains input cable (3x 32A, 5wire), equipped with CEE (3P+N+E) 32A inlet plug
  • CEE (3P+N+E) outlet socket (3x 32A, 5wire) for bypass
  • Extremely robust 19””/4U metal housing.
  • Designed and build in Europe to the highest international safety standards!

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