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  • This interface is needed to control the Briteq video LED WALLS: its the link between the computer and the scanboxes (controlling the individual video panels).
  • This 19” controller is installed close to the computer, it can be connected to any desktop or portable PC running Windows (XP, Vista, Seven, …):
    • Mac computers running Windows can also be used!
    • Your computer needs a standard DVI-D (or DVI-I) output or HDMI output (with optional conversion cable)
    • Your computer needs one USB-port for communication with the VP-PC Interface
  • No need to use the PC-software to set the brightness, simply use the display and controls on the front panel!
  • The VP-PC Interface can simultaneously control up to 10 different video walls:
    • All connected video walls can show different content
    • All connected video walls can have different pitch
  • You can capture any area of your PC-screen and show it on the video wall, this means that you can show the content of any software (Word, Powerpoint, any mediaplayer playing any video format, etc.)
  • You can also use popular video software like Arkaos, Resolume, Madrix, …
  • With the included LED STUDIO software you can tune your video screen to perfection!
  • The software can be upgraded for free at any time.
  • Up to 100m CAT5 cable, using special RJ45-connectors, can be used between the VP-PC Interface and the scanbox(es)

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