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The SE-30000 power amplifier is unprecedented in terms of price / performance.
The sophisticated design of this lightweight CLASS-TD amplifier ensures excellent and powerful low-frequency reproduction combined with crystal clear and delicately balanced high frequencies.
Thanks to the big power reserve, excellent limiters and protections it can be used in all kinds of different applications such as discotheques, clubs, mobile audio, PA, rental, theater, …
The extremely high efficiency, reduced power waste and very low heat dissipation are the main advantages of this compact amplifier!
The 2U enclosure weighs only 10 kg, which makes it perfect for mobile applications!
The LCD-display shows: audio input level, mains voltage, working temperature and fan speed.
Power output, stereo:
2x 1000Wrms @ 8 ?
2x 1500Wrms @ 4 ?
2x 2000Wrms @ 2 ?
Power output, bridge:
1x 3000Wrms @ 8 ?
1x 4000Wrms @ 4 ?
All the protections you can think of for professional use:
Inaudible signal + current limiter
overload protection
short circuit current protection
DC protection
thermal protection
AC/VHF protection
soft start
Two FAN modes:
Silent mode: minimum fan noise for use in recording studio, theatre, …
Power mode: maximum cooling for use in rough conditions like discotheques, summer festivals, …
3 different working modes: stereo, bridge mode, mono mode (inputs linked)
Input sensitivity: 0,75V / 1,0V / 1,5 V
Balanced in/outputs on XLR / COMBO
2 Speakon® compatible connectors (left, right & bridge outputs).

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Peso 10,0 kg

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